Everything you need to pick up and deliver a quality safeguarding training module on childhood trauma and aces. The package includes

  • A visually engaging Powerpoint presentation which is includes a script to help guide your though the delivery of the presentation. The presentations are approximately an hour long but can be longer if the deliverer chooses to pause and discuss key points at any time throughout.
  • A ready-made handout which can be printed and handed to staff so they can make notes as they go.
  • A short quiz will be sent which can be used immediately after or a week after to check understanding and identify impact.
  • A certificate template is included for staff’s own records as well as school tracking of training
  • An additional document with useful links for further research and activities or resource ideas.


Once you have completed your purchase you will be able to download a zip file with all the information.

If there are any issues, please contact me at NEW2DSL@gmail.com

Childhood Trauma and ACEs staff training package